Trapped in the Homeless Hustle: Erica Moseley launches pilot project connecting people experiencing homelessness with mentorship, links to tech jobs

After experiencing homelessness for the first 18 years of her life, Erica Moseley has become a recognized author, trainer, speaker, fundraiser, volunteer, and social impact advocate. In her role as Outreach and Senior Case Manager with Catholic Charities, Erica has managed to house over 100 families in permanent supportive housing, transitional housing, and emergency shelter through the data coordinated entry system and has served as their brand ambassador, appearing on billboards, banners, and buses around the Bay Area. 

In 2019, Erica published Trapped in the Homeless Hustle, a combination autobiography and self-sufficiency manual for people experiencing homelessness. Since publishing this book, she has been invited to speak at private and corporate events, sharing her story and training companies’ workforce development and social impact employees on best practices for engaging with communities. As a former client and one of Hamilton Families’ top success stories, she was also invited to speak on the organization’s behalf at a Donor Salesforce Ohana Night and at the 2019 Hamilton Families Annual Benefit Gala honoring Rabbi Ryan Bauer. Erica’s success story inspired 300 guests and helped raise over $400,000 in one night. 

Erica’s latest adventures include producing a talk show that airs on Channel 29 entitled: The Homeless Diaries. The show is focused on connecting the dots within the community and organizations that provide resources or are interested in discussing alternative solutions. And, most recently, Erica took it upon herself to inform San Francisco’s homeless about the risks of COVID-19. She has also been involved with Airbnb, Techtonica, Code Tenderloin & Glide Memorial Church as a Social Impact Instructor. As a graduate of both Techtonica and Code Tenderloin, she knows first-hand how learning technical skills can be empowering for both individuals and their communities.  Erica is a proud mother of an 11 year-old daughter, KaMya, and wants to continue to provide her daughter with the type of upbringing that she never had while growing up homeless around the country.

Erica’s new pilot project identifies and readies motivated individuals for intensive training people to work for Bay Area tech companies looking to expand and diversify their employee base. The program will encompass individual training, coaching, and skill-building along with provision of necessary materials, hardware and software required for training. Drawing from her experiences as a child and adult experiencing homelessness system involvement, she deeply understands the value of mentorship that can lead someone on the path to self-sufficiency.

To support this program, you can donate via our website and choosing to direct your donation to The Erica Moseley Project.