The Black Prosperity Initiative (BPI) is a project led by All Home to cultivate Black prosperity in all its forms through self-reclamation, collective reimagining, and power-building. 

Black peoples’ brilliance and strength are woven into the tapestry of the Bay Area, as neighbors, as leaders, as entrepreneurs, as culture-makers, and more. Despite our immeasurable contributions, we have had to learn to live within intentional, systematic discrimination, in environments of violence and under-resourced communities that continue today. This has led to stark disparities in education, income, housing, criminal justice, health, and employment designed to hold us back from flourishing in our communities and understanding who we truly are as a people.  We are a resilient and powerful people, and the region can only truly thrive when our Black community is thriving!

Through our Thought Leader Discussion Series and Community Survey, BPI is investigating and reimagining what Black prosperity can look like in our region and how we can achieve it together. Analysis of our findings, along with existing research and in-depth interviews will inform how we advance transformational change by, for, and within Black society in East Oakland. 

Phase 1: Exploring a New Paradigm (February to April 2023) 

Formulate a vision for BPI with community stakeholders. Use Culture-Based Transformative Coaching® to shift how we engage each other by rethinking how we engage with ourselves. 

During phase 1, All Home and Village Connect conducted:

  • Countless brainstorming and soul-storming sessions to chart BPI’s path forward
  • Seven presentations and Q&A sessions with community-based organizations
  • 15 one-on-one meet-and-greet sessions with community leaders

Phase 2: Discovering the Wisdom of Us (May 2023 to March 2024)

Conducted a series of structured interviews and aggregated existing research about how to build more peace, power, prosperity, and unity within the Black community. 

During phase 2 (as of mid-February 2024), we have: 

  • Completed 13 Thought Leader Discussions, engaging 40+ community leaders, with plans for 10 more discussions.
  • Completed 96 structured interviews with community members, with plans to reach a total of 250
  • Supported Village Connect to launch a Black Freedom Fighter video contest
  • Hosted and attended in-person events to engage community members and invite them to take the BPI survey.

 Phase 3: Telling Our Story (Summer 2024)

Create a compelling, multimedia summary of findings, both from community conversations and research review. Share findings with community members, leaders, and institutions.

 Planning is in progress for:

  • A multimedia report summarizing our findings, including short videos, insights, and quotes from community members who participated in the BPI survey.
  • An event at The Moxy Hotel to share our report and survey findings with the community.
  • An additional 15 to 20 presentations to stakeholders, community members, etc., to share our findings and continue deepening partnerships
Black Joy Parade Photo

Phase 4: Building Partnerships (Fall 2024)

Host a series of BPI Retreats to take CBOs and groups of community members to provide relief from the internalized intergenerational oppression within Black society, and engage with our community to create space for joy, celebration, and wellness. This will include identifying the ways that capitalism, colonization, and white, terror-based paradigms (white supremacy) are often still at work in our internal lives, even as many of us are on the front lines fighting against these same paradigms externally.   

Phase 5: Prosperity as the Norm (Spring 2025)

Align with other Black-led organizations to create programs and opportunities that expand, inspire, and cultivate self-love and wellness in the Black community, and expand the initiative beyond Alameda County to a regional focus.