Building an Effective Homelessness Response System in the Bay Area

The Regional Action Plan shows what it will take to dramatically reduce homelessness in the Bay Area—and that doing so is possible. To get there, we need effective, well-resourced homelessness response systems that can make homelessness rare, brief, and one-time for those who experience it.

The plan’s core approach is expanding three solutions at the same time (targeted prevention, interim housing, and permanent housing) while strengthening planning and coordination. 

Read the full plan and explore new tools that bring it to life.

Use this Outreach Toolkit to show your audiences what it will take to finally address homelessness in the Bay Area, and build support for solutions.

See the press release about the updated Regional Action Plan from June 25, 2024.

Download the RAP PDF as single pages (rather than a two-page spread in the PDF linked above).

Learn more about how a Regional Affordable Housing Bond on the November ballot could help reduce homelessness. This bond measure would be a huge down payment on the homelessness solutions our region needs, especially when it comes to building deeply affordable housing. 

  • The bond could potentially pay for ALL of the construction costs for the new affordable and permanent supportive housing in our plan.
  • A potential limiting factor is that this type of housing typically requires subsidy to cover the difference in the lower rents paid and the cost of operating the building, plus additional funding for the services that some formerly unhoused people need to stay healthy and housed long-term. Bond funds cannot be used for operations and services, because of state law. 
  • Cities and counties see the pressing need to prioritize building more homes that people with extremely low incomes can afford. The regional affordable housing bond can provide billions of dollars to help them create the housing our region desperately needs.