We can stop homelessness before it happens. Using targeted, evidence-based homelessness prevention strategies we can keep people stably housed, avoid the trauma of homelessness, and reduce the racial and age disparities among people who become homeless.

In 2021, All Home will launch a first of its kind regional homelessness prevention system, combining public and private resources to reduce the number of people becoming unsheltered in the Bay Area.

Why is homelessness prevention necessary?

Pre-pandemic, in some Bay Area counties, three people were becoming homeless for each person who was housed. Without reducing inflow, we will not be able to reduce homelessness. In the wake of COVID-19, many households, particularly Black and Latinx, have suffered disproportionate income loss, which has further exacerbated what for many was already a rent-burdened or precarious housing situation. When COVID-related eviction moratoria are lifted, the need for homelessness prevention in the form of both legal services and financial assistance will become even more critical.

A Regional Strategy

Provides consistency in…

  • Client access to services
  • Assessment and eligibility criteria
  • Services offered to clients
  • Staff training
  • System performance and outcomes

Creates opportunity for…

  • Enhanced donor confidence
  • Public-private partnership
  • Coordinated, flexible funding deployed to areas of greatest need
  • Demonstration of regional outcomes
  • Long-term sustainability, leveraging funding

Design Phase

In September 2020, a generous anonymous donor provided All Home funding for design and coordination work necessary to create a regional system of homelessness prevention and seeded a $10 million fund to launch a new regional homelessness prevention system in three Bay Area counties in 2021.

The regional prevention system will build on the success and lessons learned by existing prevention programs, drawing new funds to the region to accelerate and scale these efforts. All Home selected and convened a design team of regional non-profit and public sector experts, and a team of subject expert advisors and funders who also inform elements of the work. The design team meets bi-weekly to discuss a range of topics from programmatic design to administration and use of technology. See guiding principles.

Primary Program Elements

  • Housing Problem-Solving – financial assistance or focused counseling on ways to independently resolve a housing crisis.
  • Housing Stabilization or Navigation – financial assistance to pay rental arrears, prospective rental assistance, security deposit, move-in expenses for housing replacement or reunification, relocation expenses or transportation expenses to move closer to a chosen friends/family network.
  • Legal Services – advocacy or eviction representation, landlord mediation.
  • Financial Counseling
  • Connection to other services, public benefits, or community resources

Keeping someone from becoming homelessness prevents the trauma that is caused by homelessness, for a fraction of the cost.

All Home is creating a pooled fund to keep people housed. For more information on how you can support the Regional Prevention System, contact Joanne Karchmer at [email protected]