What is the Regional Impact Council?

The Regional Impact Council (RIC) is a roundtable of stakeholders from all nine Bay Area counties addressing housing insecurity and homelessness around our region. The council is composed of policymakers; affordable housing, social equity and economic mobility stakeholders; housing and homelessness service providers; and business and philanthropic partners. The group consists of a Technical Committee, Steering Committee, Community Partners Council, and Co-Chairs who support development, strategic thinking, and action to advance regional solutions. 

The RIC engages stakeholders to build on what is working, advocate for change, and identify solutions to reduce experiences of homelessness. The RIC is identifying, sharing, and scaling innovative solutions through two distinct but interrelated phases:

Phase 1: The Regional Action Plan, released in April 2021, is a roadmap to reduce unsheltered homelessness in the Bay Area by 75% in three years. To achieve that ambitious goal, the RAP introduces the “1-2-4 framework” for concurrent investment in interim housing, permanent housing, and homelessness prevention. The RIC is currently in the implementation phase of advancing the RAP.

Phase 2: Big Moves for Housing and Economic Security will focus on the structural and systemic changes necessary to disrupt homelessness permanently and provide economic and social mobility for Bay Area residents with extremely low incomes. The Big Moves will be concrete steps to reduce housing insecurity, establish and expand pathways for economic and social mobility for the region’s ELI population, and dramatically reduce homelessness across the Bay Area. They will be released in the fall of 2022.

Who is on the RIC?

The council is composed of policymakers, affordable housing, social equity and economic mobility stakeholders, housing and homelessness service providers, and business and philanthropic partners.

Full list of RIC partners: RIC Roster

The decision-making structure of the RIC is as follows:

RIC Co-Chairs: Final decision-making for all individual and overall policy recommendations.

Steering Committee: Formed of ~40 high-profile policymakers, business, equity, and labor leaders, the Steering Committee meets monthly to weigh in on and/or endorse the Regional Action Plan and Platform for Change developed by the Technical Committee.

Technical Committee: Formed of 50-60 subject matter experts in the fields of affordable housing, service provision, and economic mobility, the Technical Committee meets monthly to develop and implement the Regional Action Plan and the Platform for Change.

RIC Meeting Schedule and Materials

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