What is the RIC?

The Regional Impact Council will convene for 18 months with two distinct, but interrelated phases. The first phase will focus on rapid responses to our unsheltered homelessness crisis that will drive toward regional goals that reduce unsheltered homelessness at the population level. The second phase will focus on the structural and systems changes necessary to disrupt homelessness permanently and provide economic and social mobility for working poor Bay Area residents. The RIC will encompass stakeholders from all 9 Bay Area counties on steering and technical committees.

Phase 1 + 2

Phase 1

Develop a Rapid Response to the Regional Unsheltered Homelessness Crisis encompassing:

  • Best Practices and recommendations to be implemented by and coordinated amongst the region’s counties, cities, COCs’ and service providers
  • Legislative Platform for Governor Newsom and state legislature that will call upon the State’s leadership to address the current crisis in a manner commensurate with a disaster that has displaced thousands of residents
  • New Public-Private Partnerships to address interim and emergency housing needs and rapidly re-house people that are currently homeless in the Bay Area

Phase 2

Develop a Platform for Change that incorporates an integrated systems approach to end homelessness and identify pathways for extremely low income people to thrive

Platform for Change – Objectives:

  • Identify, share and scale innovative solutions serving both currently homeless, and at-risk ELI households and individuals
  • Establish regional goals that reduce housing insecurity, establish and expand pathways for economic and social mobility for the region’s ELI population, and dramatically reduce homelessness across the Bay Area
  • Influence county/major city, regional and state-wide policy and 2021 legislative agenda

Technical and Steering Committees

Technical Committee: Formed of 20-30 subject matter experts in the fields of affordable housing, service provision, and economic mobility, the Technical Committee will meet monthly to develop the Rapid Response during Phase 1 and the Platform for Change in Phase 2.

Steering Committee: Formed of 12-15 high-profile policymakers, business, equity, and labor leaders, the Steering Committee will meet quarterly to weigh in on and/or endorse the Rapid Response and Platform for Change developed by the Technical Committee.

Phase 1 Meeting Schedule (Tentative)

Technical Committee: April 15, May 20, June 17, July 15, September 16, October 20