All Home supports the following state legislation.

(This page was last updated on October 4, 2022.)

2022 Legislative Positions:

The following priority bills have been signed into law.

  • SCA 2 (Allen)
    • Repeal Article 34 of the California Constitution, which requires majority approval from the voters of a city or county for the development, construction, or acquisition of a publicly funded affordable housing project.
  • AB 2011 (Wicks)
    • AB 2011 pairs the ability to build housing by right on underutilized commercial sites with strong labor standards that ensure all construction workers earn prevailing wages and receive health benefits.
  • AB 2334 (Wicks)
    • Increase the supply of affordable housing by allowing all location-efficient 100% affordable housing developments to qualify for the enhanced density bonus.
  • AB 2483 (Maienschein)
    • Improve coordination and efficacy of existing resources to create supportive housing for older adults and people living with disabilities who are experiencing homelessness and facing institutionalization.
  • SB 6 (Caballero)
    • Authorize residential development on existing parcels zoned for commercial office and retail, with expedited approvals and strong labor standards for construction.
  • SB 897 (Wieckowski)
    • Eliminate barriers to ADU construction, including owner-occupancy requirements, parking requirements for junior ADUs, and provide grant funding for construction.
  • SB 948 (Becker)
    • Reduce the cost of building affordable housing through the creation of a pooled transition reserve.
  • SB 951 (Durazo)
    • Maintain the existing wage replacement rates for the State Disability Insurance and Paid Family Leave programs for an additional two years, and increase both programs’ wage replacement rates thereafter.
  • SB 1083 (Skinner)
    • Expand the criteria the California Work Opportunity and Responsibility to Kids (CalWORKs) program uses to determine whether or not a family is homeless or at risk of homelessness, and require counties to provide a caseworker to assist families with securing permanent housing.

The following bills did not make it through the 2022 legislative session or were vetoed.

  • ACA 14 (Wicks)
    • Require that 5% of the General Fund be set aside every year for the next ten years to support the creation of affordable housing, fund homelessness services, and support homeownership opportunities for extremely-low- to moderate-income households.
    • Bill text
  • AB 1816 (Bryan)
    • Create a competitive Reentry Housing & Workforce Development Grant Program to fund evidence-based housing, support services, and workforce development programs for people who were formerly incarcerated in state prisons and who are experiencing or at risk of homelessness.
    • Bill text
  • AB 2186 (Grayson)
    • Encourages cities and counties to waive or reduce impact fees for affordable rental housing developments by reimbursing them 50% of the value of waivers or reductions granted.
    • Bill text
  • AB 2211 (Ting)
    • Help end California’s unsheltered homelessness crisis by reducing barriers to building new and expanding existing homeless shelters.
    • Bill text
  • AB 2244 (Wicks)
    • Reduce residential parking requirements for newly constructed religious institutions to facilitate the development of critically needed affordable housing projects. The bill clarifies that an existing law applies to new construction.
    • Bill text
  • AB 2670 (McCarty)
    • Establish the California Regional Initiative for Social Enterprises (CA RISE) Program to provide funding and technical assistance to Employment Social Enterprises
    • Bill text
  • SB 234 (Wiener)
    • Create a grant program to provide safe, affordable housing options for transition-aged youth who are experiencing or at risk of homelessness. 
  • SB 1336 (Wiener)
    • Make it easier, faster, and cheaper for faith-based institutions and non-profit institutions to build affordable housing on their land.
    • Bill text
  • SB 1341 (Cortese)
    • Establishes a statewide guaranteed income pilot program that provides cash payments to 12th grade students experiencing homelessness during their summertime transition out of high school and into employment or postsecondary education.
    • Bill text

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