All Home supports the following state legislation.

(This page was last updated on March 12th, 2024.)

2024 Legislative Positions:

All Home’s 2024 legislative priorities intersect on homelessness, housing, and economic security and mobility for ELI households. 

  • AB 1657 (Wicks)
    • Places a $10 billion affordable housing bond on the November 2024 ballot to fund affordable housing development for the following four years.
    • Bill Text
  • AB 2396 (Reyes)
    • Establishes the State Partnership for Affordable Housing Registries in California (SPAHRC) Grant Program to award grants to local or regional agencies to develop online portals of affordable housing listings, information, and applications.
    • Bill Text
  • AB 3093 (Ward)
    • Requires that local jurisdictions comprehensively consider the needs of homeless populations as part of the RHNA process and in their Housing Element planning efforts.
    • Bill Text
  • SB 333 (Cortese)
    • Creates the California SOAR (Success, Opportunity, & Academic Resilience) Guaranteed Income Program to provide 12th grade students experiencing homelessness with crucial financial resources for their transition out of high school and into employment or postsecondary education.
  • SB 950 (Skinner)
    • Helps incarcerated people pre-enroll into Medicaid/Medical, SSI, CalFresh, and other programs making them eligible to receive benefits upon release.
    • Bill Text
  • SB 1011 (Jones) – OPPOSE
    • Criminalizes homelessness by prohibiting sitting, lying, sleeping, or storing personal property on any street or sidewalk if a homeless shelter is “available” and within 500 feet of any school, open space, or major transit stop.
    • Bill Text
  • SB 1123 (Caballero)
    • Expands existing legislation’s streamlining benefits to enable local governments to approve the subdivision and construction of small homes available for homeownership on vacant single-family zoned parcels.
    • Bill Text
  • SB 1187 (McGuire)
    • Creates a comprehensive housing program to provide Tribes with equitable access to financing for safe, affordable, and sustainable homes for tribal members.
    • Bill Text
  • SB 1254 (Becker)
    • Allows and assists incarcerated people in applying for reentry to CalFresh benefits up to 90 days before their release.
    • Bill Text
  • SB 1345 (Smallwood-Cuevas)
    • Prohibits employers from taking an adverse employment action against an employee or job applicant based on a conviction record unless it is sufficiently related to the job.
    • Bill Text
  • SB 1361 (Blakespear)
    • Clarifies that actions by local agencies taken to provide services for people experiencing homelessness are exempted from the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA).
    • Bill Text
  • SB 1395 (Becker)
    • Removes barriers and encourages local governments to quickly and efficiently build more interim housing.
    • Bill Text

2024 Policy Letters

Ongoing Funding to Address Homelessness in the 2024-2025 Budget

Protecting Core Homelessness and Housing Programs in the 2024-25 Budget

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