Op-Ed: It takes a village to solve Bay Area’s housing crisis

“In the past few months, Apple, Google and Facebook announced multibillion-dollar investments in housing. Gov. Gavin Newsom has made housing a top priority of his administration, committing an unprecedented $1.75 billion to spur housing development. The state legislature has passed a record-breaking number of housing bills in the past two years. And last week, Newsom called a meeting of the state’s top business leaders and asked them to do even more.

The urgency public and private sector leaders are bringing to housing reflects an increasingly dire reality statewide. In the Bay Area alone, tens of thousands of individuals are cycling into homelessness annually, and there are 175,000 more on the brink of homelessness…”

Read the rest of the SF Chronicle op-ed to hear Tomiquia Moss and her co-writers’ thoughts on what it’ll take to seriously address homelessness in the Bay Area.