Research publications from our partners at the Terner Center

A list of relevant/recommended research from our partners at the UC Berkeley Terner Center for Housing Innovation.

  1. “Disparity in Departure: Who Leaves the Bay Area and Where Do They Go?” (link)
    A brief look at the racial and income characteristics of Bay Area in- and out-migrants from 2010-2016.

  2. The Geography of Mixed-Income Neighborhoods (link)
    Analyzing the location and composition of “inclusive, equitable mixed income communities”, this article looks into the demographic, economic, and policy dynamics behind such neighborhoods and closes with implications for policy and future research

  3. How Housing Supply Shapes Access to Opportunity for Renters (link)
    An in-depth report on how the housing stock has changed from 1990-2016 and how opportunity characteristics compare across different neighborhoods (particularly in neighborhoods with high proportions of single-family rentals).

  4. The Employment Landscape for Subsidized Households (link)
    This paper analyzes employment conditions / options, and potential barriers to employment for subsidized households. It also considers the implications for policymakers and practitioners weighing the feasibility of conditioning housing subsidies on work.

  5. The Links Between Affordable Housing and Economic Mobility (link)
    Looking to fill the gap in research on LIHTC and resident outcomes (e.g., housing stability, employment and financial stability, children’s educational outcomes), author Carolina Reid presents findings from 251 surveys and 180 interviews across 18 affordable housing properties in CA.