Oakland’s Initiative to Support Older Adults Experiencing Homelessness 

This event, hosted by the University of California San Francisco, took place in September, 2021.

 Event description:

The UCSF Changemaker Series is a four-part video series that seeks to build the capacity of UCSF researchers to generate scientific evidence that is responsive to the needs of real-world decision-makers in order to accelerate equity-focused impact.

Session One: Using Research to Influence Local Policy: Oakland’s Initiative to Support Older Adults Experiencing Homelessness’ highlights Margot Kushel, Professor of Medicine at UCSF, alongside an interdisciplinary panel of non-academic experts illustrating key learning points for how investigators at all stages of their careers can more meaningfully inform policies, systems, and structures in order to create social or policy change. Panelists share their unique perspectives and lessons learned to gain insight as to how science—and scientists—can be a powerful tool to effect change.

This video focuses on how structural inequities can be addressed by influencing local policies and programs that can be widely scaled. The discussion is centered on how partnership between UCSF scientists, government officials, media, and advocacy organizations can change the way older adults experiencing homelessness are supported by the City of Oakland.


  • Tomiquia Moss, Executive Director, All Home
  • Margot Kushel, Professor of Medicine, UCSF
  • Libby Schaaf, Mayor, City of Oakland
  • Kevin Fagan, Reporter, SF Chronicle