Let’s Talk Solutions: The Future of Bay Area Housing

This event, hosted by the San Francisco Foundation and the Commonwealth Club, took place in May 2022. 

Event description:

To build a Bay Area where people of all races and backgrounds can thrive in safe, affordable, and vibrant communities, we must first solve our housing crisis. From homelessness prevention to innovative regional approaches and new zoning flexibilities, the Bay Area has a new set of housing tools that can help us accelerate our efforts. The current inequalities and issues are rooted in policies and practices that we collectively have the power to change.

In this program, San Francisco Foundation CEO Fred Blackwell asks a powerful panel of leaders what makes them optimistic about the future, and what it will take to build a better Bay Area.


  • Tomiquia Moss, All Home, CEO & Founder
  • Cindy Chavez, Santa Clara County Supervisor
  • Dan Sawislak, Executive Director of Resources for Community Development
  • Fred Blackwell, CEO, San Francisco Foundation (Moderator)