All Home Statement on HHAP Funding Pause


Contact: Edie Irons, [email protected], 510-334-1344

On November 3, Governor Newsom announced he would hold on providing the remaining third round of Homelessness Housing, Assistance and Prevention (HHAP) grants until after a convening of local leaders in mid-November. The purpose of the convening is to review the state’s collective approach to homelessness and identify new strategies to better address the homelessness crisis.  

On November 9, All Home CEO and Founder Tomiquia Moss released the following statement. 

“Both local jurisdictions and state leaders are frustrated by the level of homelessness in our communities and suffering on our streets. Obviously withholding funds that local governments need to help fight homelessness does not help solve homelessness, but we believe this pause is an opportunity for a much-needed reset that could be helpful in the long run.

“Solving homelessness is a marathon, not a sprint—it requires long-term investment from the state and federal governments. One-time allocations of funding — or even a series of one-time allocations, as HHAP has been—will not get us where we need to be. Local jurisdictions need more certainty if they are going to be able to make more ambitious plans. More ambitious work also requires stronger partnerships.

“Right now, certainty, clarity, and trust are in short supply. We sincerely hope that the conversations and convenings to work through this situation in the days to come will build stronger relationships and lead to a breakthrough that gives both the state and local jurisdictions what they need to make headway on homelessness. We agree with the Governor that we need to see more urgency and ambition in local plans, and we know that our communities need true partnership with the state and more dependable funding to deliver those results.”