The Future of Social Housing

This event, hosted by San José State University, took place in May 2023.

Event description:

In recent years, a movement has emerged which asks us to rethink the role of government in American housing. Activists, legislators and policy wonks are pushing for “social housing”, a set of ideas that have two main things in common. Social Housing generally includes a stronger role for the government in housing and housing development, and draws inspiration from around the world to reimagine how and for whom we build housing.

Social Housing has different definitions, draws on different traditions in housing, and brings together a diverse set of thinkers and organizers. To build public understanding of complex planning & development issues like housing, the Institute for Metropolitan Studies has partnered with the Human Rights Institute to present educational conversations about Social Housing. 

In this event, an expert panel reacts to currently proposed legislation and provides their views on social housing and the provision of housing as a human right.


  • Jennifer Martinez, Policy Director of Housing Affordability, Chan Zuckerberg Initiative
  • Regina Celestin Williams, Executive Director, SV@Home
  • Tomiquia Moss, Founder and CEO, All Home
  • Alex Schafran, Author and IMS Visiting Scholar (Moderator)