The Story We Need to Tell About Homelessness

This event, hosted by Shift the Bay and presented by All Home, took place in June 2023.

Event description:

As we work to end homelessness, increase the housing supply and promote economic justice in the Bay Area, we understand the importance of an effective narrative around these issues and their solutions. 

By helping people to understand and communicate the systemic conditions that push people into homelessness, we can make the case that homelessness is a housing problem and we know how to solve it. This workshop is focused on discussing and practicing the messages laid out in the How to Talk about Homelessness Messaging Guide, Shift the Bay and All Home’s resource for combatting persistent myths and misperceptions, strong emotions, and lack of clarity to refocus on the effective solutions that will make the experience of homelessness rare and brief. 

Download the The Story We Need to Tell About Homelessness Workshop (Slide Deck)


  • Edie Irons, Director of Communications, All Home
  • Zak Franet, Director, Ground Floor Public Affairs 
  • Veronica Marquez, Communications Manager, All Home
  • Monet Boyd, Senior Planner, Bay Area Regional Health Inequities Initiative
  • Alina Harway, Director of Communications, NPH (Moderator)