The City of San José operates five interim housing communities, which are sometimes called Bridge Housing Communities (BHCs). Program participants have access to numerous resources to help them succeed in their efforts to find permanent housing and remain stably housed. These resources include job placement assistance, mental health counseling, life skills training, and assistance in applying for permanent housing.

While living in interim housing, program participants have individual rooms, which are similar to very small apartments. Amenities such as the kitchen, pantry and laundry facility are shared by all residents. It is typical for program participants to live in interim housing for a few months before moving into permanent housing.

During the coronavirus pandemic, the City of San José built three Emergency Interim Housing (EIH) communities. These are similar to the two BHCs although the site design and construction are a little different. The EIH communities have been used to house medically vulnerable unhoused residents who are at risk of severe illness or death if they contract COVID-19. The three EIH sites (two of which are pictured here) are located at the intersection of Bernal Road and Monterey Road; on Rue Ferrari near the entrance to Highway 101; and on Evans Lane near the entrance to Almaden Expressway.

During a ceremony to open the first EIH community, one of the program participants described her personal journey of struggle, perseverance, and finding a place to call home. You can watch her video below.

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