Read our Coalition Budget Letter on Homelessness here

In collaboration with service providers and stakeholders across the state, we have published a response to the Governor’s proposed budget on homelessness. Our response strengthens the Governor’s proposed budget to ensure that 100% of persons who came inside to Project Roomkey are not forced back to the street. It accomplishes this within the new budget reality and leverages one-time federal funds with one-time/minimal state investment on a nearly 4:1 basis. Three primary components of our proposal:

  1. EXPAND the types of housing that can be acquired/created with $600M CARES Act funding to take advantage of market conditions and ensure no money is left on the table by December 31.
  2. ELIMINATE the fatal operational funding gap that is built into the current proposal.
  3. INCENTIVIZE local governments to use their CARES Act funding to combat homelessness.

Read the full proposal here

In addition, we have created an Action Plan for State/Local Collaboration to End Homelessness. Due to the gravity of the State’s budget shortfall, our plan emphasizes three priorities that emphasize regulatory changes and new or reprioritized sources of funding:

  1. Use local CARES Act (or HEROES Act) funds and State-coordinated philanthropic support to invest in targeted homeless prevention efforts.
  2. Create short-term and long-term innovation funds to bring people indoors and create a bridge from interim to permanent housing.
  3. Use tax credits and loans to expand income support and small business assistance.

Read the full Action Plan here

Read the Executive Summary here